Khalil Younes

In Khalil Younes’ series Revolution 2011, shock, terror and the colour red pervade the pen and ink portraits of famous martyrs from the Syrian uprising. According to the artist, the images “articulate the emotions of those who don’t have a voice anymore because they were killed, jailed or have fled the country”. The work-in-progress series also captures the regime’s cyclical violence, especially in the drawing Hama 30, which refers to the infamous 1982 massacre of Syrian Muslims by Bashar’s father, Hafez Assad.

Younes takes his lead from Goya: “As artists, we should make something that not only reflects on the revolution right at this moment, but make something that will last two generations from now.”

Khalil Younes is a freelance cinematographer, illustrator and video artist. Born in Damascus, Syria, he moved to the United States in 1998. Khalil’s work has been honoured in the United States and in Europe. He holds a degree in cinematography from Columbia College-Chicago, and in film and video from Massachusetts College of Art and Design-Boston.

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